How it works

Ordering Process-
To order please choose type of item on shop page, select number of colors (basic or premium) and check out. We will then contact you within 24-48hours for your design elements. Please have a logo or idea for logo ready.

Mockup Process
After confirming your order we begin the mock up process. We will first contact you to obtain your color and design choices. Then usually within 24 hours we will provide you with a mock up of your design. Either by creating a custom logo for you, or by using an existing design you own.

Creation Process-
After approval of all design elements we begin the creation process. Within 48 hours we will create your unique design on your desired item.

Usually we can ship your order out within 48 hours. Shipping times vary but most customers receive their product(s) within 7-10 days.


We are happy to discuss your design before you buy just shoot us a message! *Please note for full mock up there may be a small deposit which can be applied against the cost of your order.

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